Who We Are
Founded in 1995 in Orlando, Florida by Sean Hägen and Ted Black, BlackHägen Design was incorporated as a consulting resource focused on mission-critical product design. As such, BH tackled projects ranging from ruggedized consumer products, commercial/industrial, military and medical devices.

Sean was particularly drawn to the responsible and rewarding nature of medical device design and directed BH to specialize in this field. With this objective in mind, in 2002 he recruited Philip Remedios to join the company as a business partner.  Leveraging Philip’s expertise as executive manager and VP of R&D for a major medical device consultancy in California, BH acquired the foundation for sustained growth,  developing the credibility and reputation we have established today. Sean later assumed leadership of Research initiatives while Philip directed Development projects, enabling the company to grow more effectively through more efficient management.

In 2005, the firm relocated to picturesque downtown Dunedin, known for its artistic culture and quality of life, on the north-western edge of the Tampa Bay area. In the current location, our advanced facility enjoys the benefits of being strategically positioned in Central Florida’s rapidly developing High-Tech Corridor and Tampa’s diverse international community and top-rated airport, whilst enjoying a tropical, seaside lifestyle.  The 6,500 square-foot building provides the team with state-of-the-art public facilities, private creative studio, usability and prototype labs just a block from the Gulf of Mexico.