At BlackHägen Design we specialize in user centric design and our research and development processes requires that we must interact extensively with the healthcare community. Therefore, we provide a clinical liaison to ensure optimal fidelity in collaborating between our team, commercial partners and the healthcare ecosystem. 

The two most common engagements with the healthcare community is contextual inquiry (sometimes call ethnography) and usability evaluations. BlackHägen Design has an expert team of human factors engineers and usability specialist specifically trained for observations in clinical environments. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we are sensitive to the guidelines of your organization and follow them precisely. In addition, HIPAA and facility specific protocols are also paramount to our methods. 

A Contextual Inquiry (CI) visit typically involves passively observing HCPs going about a routine workflow or procedure with a focus on ergonomics and device safety. We intentionally do not want to interrupt the natural behavior or distract them with questions. We have no interest in patient information, clinical outcome or performance metrics. 

Usability Evaluations are conducted in our lab, so we control there is no real patient and we can probe deeply into questions was required. During these activities the HCP evaluates prototypes for ease-of-use or validates final designs for safety and efficacy. Their valuable input could be key to changes or innovation that may benefit countless other healthcare providers and patients all over the world. 

In return for partnering with us on a project, we often share insights discovered that are relevant and beneficial to your organization from the CI or Honoria for the Usability Evaluations. References are available upon request.