Creating Innovation by Understanding User Needs

Industrial Design at BlackHägen is founded on robust Usability Requirements

At our core, we leverage end-user research to provide valuable and relevant insights that provide a framework within which our design team operates. Careful consideration of project objectives qualify the appropriate creative spirit with which to explore concepts.  It is essential to prioritize critical objectives which include risk mitigation, time-to-market considerations, unit-cost and CapX limitations, maximized market differentiation, and IP opportunities.

BlackHägen’s Design Philosophy

At BlackHägen Design, our design team’s charter is to balance creativity, novelty, aesthetics, simplicity, use-safety, ease-of-use and ease-of-manufacture in such a fashion that compromise in any one discipline is minimized and in accordance with project priorities. The ultimate goal is to enable every R&D team member to successfully complete their role in the development process as efficiently as possible. Therefore, human-factors and systems engineers work collaboratively with our creative team to ensure that only balanced concepts are developed for subsequent development. This systematic and multi-faceted approach to Industrial Design streamlines the downstream tasks, yielding speed and efficiency with minimized compromise.