BlackHägen Design (BH) offers extensive product development services that are comprehensive yet flexible enough to meet the unique needs of our clients’ commercial markets. Applying a rigorous methodology for developing specifications that optimize the function, ergonomics, value and ruggedness early in the development process, assures our clients that BH can effectively manage a product development program from concept to production.

To ensure our clients’ strategies and objectives are effectively realized, BH:

  • Develops ruggedized systems to meet appropriate IPx ratings
  • Designs ergonomic intuitive user interfaces that are both inherently safe and robust
  • Employs appropriate aesthetics and form that intuitively communicate function and brand (product semantics)
  • Finds innovation in an iterative market
  • Optimize design for manufacture, assembly, service, etc (DFx)
  • Translates qualitative user research into robust product requirements
  • Transforms technology into intuitive user interfaces for safety-critical products
  • Develops intrinsically safe designs for high risk situations

BH services include:

  • Ethnography and Contextual Inquiry
  • Device Definition
  • Characterize Latent Needs
  • Participatory Design
  • Safety-critical Human Factors Engineering

  • Graphic User Interface Development
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototype Development and Testing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering