Respironics / Philips Healthcare

BlackHägen Design (BH) worked closely with the Philips Healthcare/Respironics R&D team to rapidly facelift their Esprit clinical Ventilator by developing a new mechanical bezel, cart, colors, textures and accessories. The ground-up cart design optimized the packaging of a battery pack, height-adjustable humidifier, gas cylinders and flexible storage solutions, while optimizing ease-of-use issues associated with their integration. This yielded the V200, a freshened full-featured ventilator that was designed and prototyped in just eight weeks and launched in well under one year from project conception.

BH services included:

  • Industrial Design
  • Mechanical Engineering (3D)
  • Prototyping & Analysis
  • Vendor liaison
  • Unveiling a fully-functional prototype at the client’s annual national sales event