Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation (CAMLS)

BlackHägen has a strategic partnership with CAMLS to provide an expertise in ethnographic research, procedure mapping, medical device definition, development, and commercialization. More specifically for their Tampa Bay Research and Innovation Center (TBRIC) for the discovery and accelerated commercialization of medical technology. TBRIC brings together clinical faculty, engineers, computer scientists, management experts, human factors psychologists, and industry partners to find solutions through technology and systems for important healthcare challenges.

Challenges and Solution Methodologies:

  • Engineering development of advanced medical technologies, devices, and simulators. Capabilities include:
    • Computer-aided design and analysis
    • 3D printing and rapid prototyping
    • Computer numerical controlled machining
    • Electronics fabrication
    • System integration and testing
  • Medical device accelerator program and health technology assessment services:
    • Enhance efficient and cost-effective development
    • Commercialize innovative medical technologies and products
  • Modeling and simulation:
    • Generate advanced anatomical and analytical models
    • Medical device and tissue factor analysis
    • Development of innovative medical training systems
    • Outcomes assessment
  • Medical systems engineering:
    • Evaluate effectiveness:
      • – Medical technologies and devices
      • – Healthcare systems
      • – Medical and surgical training programs
    • Promote effective and efficient healthcare delivery
  • Human factor analysis of medical technologies and devices:
    • Simulate medical training environments
    • Improve the safety and efficiency of clinical care
    • Innovative clinical education:
    • Curriculum design
    • Utilize advanced simulators and high-tech assessment tools
    • Assess skills accurately and improve outcomes